About Pier Manna

Pier Giorgio Manna has been involved in the restaurant business since 1964. He has owned and operated several restaurants in northern Italy, for approximately 25 years. He is also a certified Professional Sommelier.

His masterpiece is the well known "Ristorante da Silvio" located in the town of San Michele all'Adige, near Trento, (north Italy) in the heart of the Dolomite mountains. It was designed and decorated by Riccardo Schweizer, a local famous artist.

This Restaurant was started by PierGiorgio and his family was actively involved. Da Silvio is now owned and operated by two of PierGiorgio's brothers: Marcello and Nicola Manna, and continues the tradition of a family run restaurant. In 2009 Da Silvio was the first Restaurant in Italy to became officially an Art Museum, protected by the department of Arts of the Trentino Province.

PierGiorgio's charisma and leadership was officially recognized by colleagues and authorities. In 1980 he was elected the 1st President of the newly founded Trentino's Restaurant Association.

In 1974, upon completion of over 3 years of courses, practices and exams, PierGiorgio Manna passed the final test and was certified as Professional Sommelier by the Italian Association of Sommeliers.

He kept the passion for fine wines well alive. Today, after over 50 years of active experience, he can be easily defined a food and wine expert. PierGiorgio is willing to share his passion and knowledge with anyone interested in authentic Italian foods, foods products, wines and spirits.

In 1993 PierGiorgio moved to Manhattan to open, as a consultant, "The Pasta Place" a restaurant concept based on freshly made pasta. 

In 1994 he took the position of Wine Director and Sommelier at Felidia Restaurant in New York City.

In 1996 he move to Austin, TX and started distributing good Italian wines in the State of Texas.

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