Cantina Bolzano, Santa Maddalena, Gries
Cantina Bolzano - Alto Adige

Cantina Bolzano - Alto Adige

Santa Maddalena - Alto Adige
Region: Alto Adige


Two historical wineries intrinsically linked with the town...

The Gries winery (founded in 1908) and Santa Maddalena winery (founded in 1930) joined forces in 2001 to form the Cantina Produttori Bolzano, SouthTyrol`s youngest winegrowers`s co-operative winery.The Cantina Produttori Bolzano is jointly owned by the growers who supply the winery with their grapes.
St. Magdalener and Lagrein are grown around Bolzano and in the surrounding area. Today we can proudly assert that the grapes which go into the two prestigious wines most closely associated with Bolzano are grown in very finest sites and only the highest quality fruit is delivered to our winery. The hamlets of Santa Maddalena, Santa Giustinaand Coste supply the grapes for St. Magdalena, while Lagrein grapes are grown mainly at Gries. Vineyards at San Giorgio, Guncina, Settequerce, San Maurizio and Missiano also lie within the production area.
Vines were already being cultivated in the Bolzano valley basin in Roman times. In the Prague Decree of 1370, the was declared one of the five best red wines of that period.
Vineyards in the undulating valley floorare characterised by deep, alluvial, warmand well-aerated  soils, while soils in the sun-drenched hill sides are light and sandy. The enormous diversity of soils and microclimates enables us to produce anenviable variety of wines, each grown under ideal conditions.
St. Magdalener is produced from redgrapes belonging to the Schiava family and the variety performs best when grown using our traditional pergola trellising system. Other varieties are forthe most part grown using international training methods.
The Taber, multi-prizewinner at national and international winetastings, it‘s our top product.Then comes the red St.Magdalener and the Pinot Nero , Cabernet, , Lagrein Prestige, Merlot Prestige, Cuvee Merlot Lagrein Mauritius, as well as the white Sauvignon , Chardonnay and Gewueztraminer, just to mention a few of our finest wines.

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