Cantina di Ogliastra
Cantina di Ogliastra, Sardegna, Italia

Cantina di Ogliastra, Sardegna, Italia

For over half a century, Cantina di Ogliastra has played a fundamental role in the wine making process in Ogliastra.  Cannonau grows best here; with over 200 small family growers the cooperative make superb wines. The Cannonau grape has been grown in Ogliastra since the 16th century and the passion for it has not changed throughout the years.
Now, with a modern technical staff supported by external consultants each year, they have the best of both worlds: old world family traditions along side the cutting edge of technology.  With a common goal of growing the best grapes and making the best wine possible under the hands of Mother Nature, the families gather together to bring forth the ultimate expression of their local wines. Et pluribus unum.

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