Ristorante da Silvio

In the fall of 1970 all the Manna family decided to join Pier Giorgio, his brothers Franco and Marcello took charge of the kitchen. It was a great event for Levico. Sooner PierGiorgio realized that “Da Giorgio” was too small for the Manna family. In November 1972 they purchased “Da Silvio” (the name of the previous owner), a larger size Restaurant in San Michele all’Adige, about 50 miles north of Levico Using the experiences from his early days, the menù was based mainly on dishes made from fresh ingredients acquired from local growers who shared the same passion for quality. It was a great success. Customers were taken by the quality of dishes, the wines and also by the courtesy and the professionalism of all components of the Manna family. For them hospitality is a belief, a natural and instinctive duty. The word of mouth was out, louder and louder. Prime National magazines covered “da Silvio” frequently. As a consequence, the Clientele improved. Local and National Personalities, made “da Silvio” a must go Restaurant. PierGiorgio sensed the need to remodel the place. He started brainstorming in 1974, looking for an unique idea. A décor to match the quality of food and service. One night the spark came! PierGiorgio was dining with his friend Bruno, at that time President of Trentino Regional Government. He came with Riccardo Schweizer, a locally born artist, who worked with some of the famous painters in the world: Picasso, Chagall, Mirò ...Listening to PierGiorgio’s idea he suddenly said “I would know what to do...but I have no time” Said...Done! PierGiorgio and Riccardo were inseparable for a couple of years, visiting places to check for best materials, artisans and equipment’s. PierGiorgio major task was to combine the geniality of the artist with the practicality of the business.

In 2009 this vision was greatly rewarded. The Department of Arts and Cultures of the Trentino Province, named Da Silvio an official Art museum, protected by the Department. Da Silvio is the first Restaurant in Italy to achieve the recognition.

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